Love Will Follow: Why the Indian Marriage is Burning – Revisited

Why I started this book was the question I was thinking all the time while reading this book. May be I was willing to learn from the experiences of people with broken or breaking marriages. Love Will Follow: Why the Indian Marriage is Burning is a excellent study from Shaifali Sandhya. In his book she explores the intimate lives of Indian husbands and wives. Interviewing numerous couples, considering the Geo-economical and Geo-cultural changes in society, and understanding the dynamics of the continually changing relationship among couples as a factor of time and other closely knit relations, Shaifali has tried bridging the gap in our understanding. She draws a diversified devastating picture of modern Indian marriages in the context of sex, nuclear and joint family relations, economic needs and so on.

Shaifali mentions in her book that:

  • 80% of divorces are initiated by women.
  • 94% of Indian couples say they are happy in their relationships but a majority of them say they would not marry the same person if they had a chance to replay their lives.
  • 1/3rd of Indian couples say they are dissatisfied with their sex life.
  • Most couples call the early years of their marriage the ‘honeymoon years’. For Indian couples they are usually the worst.

In her book, Shaifali has mentioned many case studies, drawn from her interview from couples. Yet I still long for some case studies in which she would have defined the marriages that are not on rock but are rocking.
I have learnt many aspects of the relationship from the book, the most important of all Trust & Care, without which all relationships subsequently fall.

I will highly recommend this book to couples who have seen or seeing broken relationships and to people planning weddings for themselves or for their children’s. This book delves deeply into the distinct framework an Indian marriage and relationship goes through as compared to rest of the world.

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