Its time I end my life

The title says it all. On 24th September, 2010, at 10:52 A.M. I found a new reason to live and survive my existence in this fast paced world. My son Hasan, was born. His little eyes glowing with hope and happiness make me believe that now the world is a much better place to live.

So why then I have this in my mind that I need end my life here? I need close the gates of one room and open another chapter in my life. I have many surprises, many creative moments to live with him and it’s high time I prepare myself again for them.

I will not mention myself as a profound or well known Calligraphist or a Painter, or an Artist, but I can definitely assign myself the tag of a creative person. So to be good, to be a mentor in his initial age, I need to rework on all I can. To rework on all my creativity that can help create a platform for him.

My basic notion and belief had always been that the first school of a child starts at home. We being his parents are his first teacher. Withstanding the number of students in a class, I should understand that its best if Hasan goes all prepared to school, just to revise his learning’s. This will do him more good.

I see very many components wherein I can make him grow; the best among them is creativity and imagination. Let education take him wherever he wants to but I want him to carry imagination, wherever he goes.

2 thoughts on “Its time I end my life

  1. Nirmala

    Sajid- it’s not that you end your life but a new turn to start with new ways to experience.As dawn of new relationship which hold all the tenderness where in which we tend to believe we have lost our life and start a new start that is as a parent. Parents are the best teachers in ones whole life. So kick start but do not experiment the values what our parents have give are no doubt the basics we have to hand over to next generation with a lit bit of day to day advancements
    Ya as you are the world of creativity and immagination that genes will the inherident talent with in the child.

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