Aren’t you Hridaydeep Singh Virdi?

A long silence prevailed in the class as if the dead were waiting to be buried. Our faces were grim with despair. The foul smell of furniture was making ways among our deep thought that engulfed us. The sunshine was bit terrified to enter our class and was watching us from behind the window. Our business communication teacher Mr. Messy had just arrived. With sadness looming large on his face, he dropped the bundle of papers on his table. A smoke of dust arose. It seems that our destinies were trying to escape from that bundle, tightly packed with the jute thread.

He started. “Pathetic English! You people have read throughout your life in convent and your English is as poor as an illiterate. Pathetic English!” We were listening to him as if he was delivering us a fortune full of gemstones in it.

We were facing heat of our test results. These were common during our graduation years (BBM). Since this was the first test we faced, just after joining the course, we were all the more concerned. We were a group of five friends, Mannan Tawa, Hridaydeep Singh Virdi, Tushar Sabhani, Vimal Vyas and I. In our group, Mannan and myself were the only regulars in the class. Hridaydeep and Vimal were late comers and Tushar use to visit once in a while. But that day everyone was on time. We knew that there exist no hope but still to prevent other classmates from knowing our marks, which the teacher usually announce in absence of the student, we all were present.

I was very anxious to read the destiny sealed in those bundles than any other group mate. Hridaydeep was the least bothered. We call him Dikku, name very famous with his relatives. He is a dedicated, charming, humorous guy who takes life as it arrives. He is never worried about his debts, petty issues and other’s opinion of him. His father is in IB (Intelligence Bureau). A very hard working person with humor off his sleeves. Dikku’s mother is a teacher. I believe that she is a perfect mother, very calm, considerate, understanding and social. His sister Komal was the center of attraction when Dikku and she use to converse. I remembered those days, when Dikku bought a computer. As usual he tried his best to refrain his sister from using his computer. He even locked the computer with password. But he lost every time as Komal is far intelligent with technology than Dikku. His family represents a perfect blend of all good words woven in a perfect sentence.

Mr. Messy continued. “I was shocked to see one person writing Hurree! We won the match instead of Hurray! We won the match.” There was a giggle from the other end of the class. We all were seated in the second row, very much in the centre of the class. His looks shivered down my spine. He continued “Look, before I announce the name of that student, I would like to give him a chance. I want him to rise and accept his mistake.”

There stood a graveyard silence. I was thinking how bad it will sound if I raise myself. Suddenly my thinking process changed. I thought why I am blaming myself. I am not that bad with English test. Suddenly I found something rising beside me. Dikku raised his hand in affirmation.  He asked “Sir, Did I make that mistake?”

Mr. Messy gave him sharp glance and with all the pain in his heart, he spoke “Aren’t you Hridaydeep Singh Virdi?”

Dikku nodded in affirmation.

Mr. Messy declared: “Yes Mr. Hridaydeep Singh, you are that honorable student. Now please Apni tashreef ka tokra lijiye aur chale jaiye (please carry your heavy baggage of incompetency and leave the class).

Not able to understand his pure Urdu, Dikku asked “Sir! I haven’t bought any tokra (baggage).” Mr. Messy was very furious now. I turned to Dikku and with low voice told him “Dikku, he is asking you to leave the class.” Dikku, stood up and gracefully left the class.

In years to come he became my best friend among all the group mates. I was never happy with his ways as he use to take life so easily. And I believe neither he was with my way of handling even petty things so seriously. In spite of these differences, he stands a very good friend of mine till date. And even after being packed with his office schedule, he drove his bike entire night to reach Udaipur from Ahmadabad (600 Kms) to attend my wedding. No more words to thank him for his friendship.

14 thoughts on “Aren’t you Hridaydeep Singh Virdi?

  1. Hridaydeep Singh --Lead of this article

    So here I am!!! I m happy if u call me DEEP… I will shout hurree…maybe thats probably re-branding myself.

    Dear Sajid – I m surprized how can you remember something about me which I forgot. Hat-off! Buddy you turly writes well, avoid choosing wrong subject for writing blogs. hehe…I am happy to read this article as it give me an impression that i have definitely improved with time…keep blogging…

  2. Mansoor Husain

    When I read this article I remember my school days. Sajid your friendship is a true friendship, always keep your friendship as you have written in your article.

  3. Sunaina

    While reading your blog, my all 32 tooth wanted to come out of mouth but since I was reading in the office, I could allow only some of them. Ha HA Ha….Even we used to have such fun during our school days. I remember today also how we used to follow children dogma for our Mathematics class. Our Maths teacher’s name was Mr. B. N. Jha and we all used to get scared of him like anything. He used to complete the syllabus very much before the examination and the rest of the classes he used to take tests. The process was so that he used to write a question on the blackboard and we were supposed to solve the problem on the blackboard only.

    All students used to get the punishment every time except me and one or two more students. There was a lane back of our classroom which was full of small stones. It was student dogma that if the person keeps one stone over the other, and if the stone does not fall, the chances were thats he won’t get the punishment.

    To escape from the harsh stick of our Maths sir, the students who were not well prepared used to do that. And sometimes it was working too.

  4. Dr. Shabana Kauser

    Sajid, it happens now and then during the academic years. You just can’t miss it. It’s the essence of student’s life.
    It reminds me the days when I used to hate chemistry in my inter. Somehow managed get along. Again I had to face the same subject in the 1st yr. medicine. I loved anatomy, histology a lot but chemistry is disgusting and irritating.
    I used to spend my days and do overnights at osteology department with disecting the dead bodies and playing with vertebrae but never even touch that damm chemistry book.
    I used to hate my chemistry professor, a retired professor from England. He used to say that he has never seen such a careless and fearless student in his life. My anatomy professor had a different opinion. She likes me very much and used to bring snacks for me and also got me a costume from England. Obviously I was her favorite student.
    Chemistry pro. is always behind me and the more he makes me revise, the more I am confused. I used to curse the the entire universe for having invented/thought of a subject called chemistry.
    A very unrealistic thought.
    But the chemistry story came to end with my 1st year exams.
    Thank God I had all my favourite subjects for the rest of the years.
    I believe in the saying “There is only one Success – To be able to spend your Life in Your own way.”

  5. Priyanka Sahu

    Hi Sajid,

    A wonderful way of remembering friends and prove their importance in once life.Seriously your writting skills far better than my level of praising..I stand no where to judge u for this…One thing is for sure I can say while reading I was feeling like a part of the same class..were I can feel the same tension of marks being declared and..and laugh of the class for Hurree!!!.
    very nice article in last, what more I can say…..

  6. Iqbal

    lovely, I want to meet dikku now, hope he doesn’t mind me refering to him by this name. reminds me of my own set of friends, bunking together, even failing at exams together. now friends are scarce.

  7. Nirmala

    I am surprised all throughout my life ,about my school days and the teachers. The teachers never teach the actual facts and figures in dealing one’s life but they teach more which the student can’t visualize at that phase of life, in due course of time one learns through cracking jokes of friends, statements passed through teachers and the incidents happens in one’s life. Hope you have good remembrance power to recapitulate and file in the notes of life. Indeed you are a friend philosopher and guide.

  8. Mannan Tawa

    Hi. I am one a part in this story as well. Sajid you have always been very instrumental in writing and recalling the best moments. I know that I am writing to you after a long time after the college days. well I recall all the 365 x 3 years of BBM that we were together. That FS paal, VBRI, that all leg pulling we used to do of each other, I always use to pull for some or the other reason along with Dikku, Vimal and Tushar, that was all part of best days coz I liked to be a friend and in company of you all always. As it was family for me.

    Dikku has been the best of best and has always been with full of presence of mind and active with his best sense of humour.

    I remember one day when during the CAT exam preparation the teacher asked in class a question and Dikku asked the reverse question to teacher and said I am testing your GK. hahhaha…

  9. komal preet - sister of the lead!!!

    oh.. amazing sajid bhaiya… too good… i m just falin short of words to give this work of urs perfect adjective… anywys firstly thank u big one fro praising me in comparison to diku… i just love it wen people say i m sharper than her… wese bhi i m i hav already spotted two grammatical mistakes in his comment above ha ha ha!! well tht was quite expected hurree!! n really i miss those days… wat fun it used be n wat a relaxing tym of our lives it was…ur group of five was more than i cud ask for… friends in true sense in every aspect specially wen it came to havin fun 2gether… even i remember all those incidences of ur last moment study at our house.. before goin to college.. n u arguing abt wat was abt to cum in the paper… ha ha ha… really gr8 work sajid bhaiya u recreated the magic of this incidence tht i heard ‘n’ no. of times from.. n plzz it tym for diku to get married now so all of reunite to recreate this magic of ur frindship!!! huree!!!

  10. Arwa

    This was funny Sajid !! i never knew that you were friends with Virdi sir’s son.although i dnt know him much but his father used to give me maths’ tutions and it was there where i have seen ur friend.this blog about him is really funny but it also shows how important he is for you that one of ur entire blog is written for him only.Surely you are very close to the people you like and make them important in ur life as well ! ur blog is one way of conveying that emotion which i really liked :) all the best champ !

  11. Ahsan Dabeer

    I guess i bunked this class that day. But what a reply Dikku, ““Sir! I haven’t bought any tokra (baggage).” One things about Dikku which i remember is “Mein koi aisa geet gau ki arzoo……”.I guess this was the only song which he knew then.

  12. mitesh agarwal

    sajid bhai, i remember mr.maneesh messy telling stories of his college days, he did his masters from arts college and he was only regular male student with 26 girls in his class. when he completed the story we laughed & my comment was”sir ! wo 26 aur aap akele’ bahut naainsafi hai” . the best moments of our life. BBM VBRI vidya bhawan ROYAL institute

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