Dear Employee, it’s Time You Mind Your Business Too! — Revisited

Continents apart, but bounded by same interest, I had this privilege to read and review ‘Dear Employee, It’s Time You Mind Your Business Too!’, a pre-launch book by famous writer, Eddy Tsuma from Kenya, Africa. For sometime now, I have been reading financial literacy articles by Eddy on his website. His book brings forth very burning idea that faces us all today, a second income or what if one looses his job?

In this beautifully crafted book, Eddy has described a need for financial literacy and explained the very concepts at a fundamental level. In this fast paced world where economies are troubled by rising population, inflation, old age social security commitments, hire and fire are becoming the norms for employers.

Eddy defines minding your business as one’s personal journey, a journey that is limitless, without any boundaries, but fulfilling dreams.

He further elaborates on the need to take care of one’s own business. I do accept his view when he says that your employer has started the company with the main aim of creating wealth, not for you, but for him. He pays you and that’s it. It’s unto you how to create wealth out of your own salary. He is using your services to create wealth for himself. What you do with your salary is your business.

The four founding principal he has described that act as the foundation to your success are quite simple to adopt and easy to bring into your life. At one instance, he starts resolving Money Myths (my favorite money myth: ‘It takes Money to make Money’) and that’s one of the sections that emphasize the need for financial literacy along with your regular education.

I liked Eddy’s approach of reaching an audience not only with facts and figures but with emotions and substance. He does not make unwavering claims, but substantiate what he says. He adds famous quotes at appropriate sections, thus bringing the very essence of his discussion. Eddy motivates to direct most of your income into investing rather than spending it on the unnecessary gadgets and items, just bought to impress peers.

At one instance, Eddy discusses, ‘Living in the Past’, ‘Living in the Present’ & ‘Living in the Future’. This shows how refined his thinking process is. Simple terms to make you realize where you stand today. Are your past financial decisions still hanging on to you, or in present are you spending enough for the future, or if you are futuristic and spending wisely.

I will recommend this book to anyone who wants to seriously start looking into financial literacy and wealth creation.

If I have to review this book in a shortest possible phrase, it will be:

A beautifully crafted, granularly chiseled, emotionally designed, insightful book with substance and clarity on financial investing.

Published in on 9th Dec 2013.

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